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The Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) is the State authority of the Swiss Confederation which has a mandate to investigate accidents and dangerous incidents involving trains, aircraft, inland navigation ships, and seagoing vessels. The aim of this activity is to determine not only the direct causes of such events but also the more deep-seated reasons and other risks associated with them. This sole objective of this form of investigation is to acquire insights by means of which future accidents and hazardous situations can be prevented and which result in improved safety. However, the results of such a safety investigation are not intended to clarify questions of blame and liability.

Newly opened investigations

  Opening date Location Details Links
Railway 19.06.2024 Goppenstein VS Incident involving dangerous goods Vorbericht (pdf, 97 KB)
Railway 14.06.2024 Cadera / Poschiavo GR Derailment during shunting Vorbericht (pdf, 130 KB)
Plane 31.05.2024 Zürich Flughafen (LSZH) ZH D-CSUE Vorbericht (pdf, 124 KB)
Plane 31.05.2024 5 miles east of Rankin Inlet (CYRT), Nunavut, Canada C-FKGE Notification (pdf, 108 KB)
Plane 10.05.2024 Flughafen Zürich (LSZH) ZH HB-IHY Vorbericht (pdf, 107 KB)
Plane 06.05.2024 Sonneberg, Thüringen (Deutschland) FL HB-ZXY Notification (pdf, 109 KB)
Plane 06.05.2024 Kangirsuk Airport (CYAS), Quebec, in Canada C-FYMN Notification (pdf, 111 KB)
Plane 01.05.2024 John F. Kennedy International Airport (KJFK), New York / USA HB-JHD Notification (pdf, 111 KB)
Plane 25.04.2024 Petit Combin (LSYP), Val de Bagnes VS HB-ZCZ Rapport de première information (pdf, 122 KB)
Notification (pdf, 109 KB)
Railway 09.04.2024 Blonay VD Accident at work Rapport de première information (pdf, 96 KB)
Plane 02.04.2024 Cartagena (SKCG), Colombia HB-JMD Notification (pdf, 112 KB)
Plane 28.03.2024 Dublin Airport (EIDW), Irlande HB-ALQ Notification (pdf, 120 KB)
Plane 28.03.2024 Vétroz VS HB-ZLX Rapport de première information (pdf, 120 KB)
Plane 26.03.2024 5 Nm South East of Binuang-Airport (WAQG) PK-SNE Notification (pdf, 109 KB)
Plane 12.03.2024 Grenchen Flugplatz (LSZG) SO HB-TCP Vorbericht (pdf, 105 KB)

Recently published reports

  Date of the accident Date of publication Location Details Links
Plane 28.04.2022 20.06.2024 Staad SG HB-EJE Vorbericht (pdf, 134 KB)
Schlussbericht (pdf, 555 KB)
Plane 18.07.2021 07.06.2024 Gloggentürmli, Region Gotthard UR D-EMPE Vorbericht (pdf, 105 KB)
Schlussbericht (pdf, 1 MB)
Plane 15.06.2022 03.06.2024 Gruyère Aérodrome (LSGT) FR HB-ZDQ Vorbericht (pdf, 124 KB)
Rapport de première information (pdf, 122 KB)
Rapport final (pdf, 1 MB)
Plane 21.04.2022 21.05.2024 Lac Léman – 2km au sud-sud-est de La-Tour-de-Peilz VD HB-KBK / HB-KAU Rapport de première information (pdf, 174 KB)
Rapport sommaire (pdf, 694 KB)
Railway 06.07.2023 06.05.2024 Zürich Altstetten ZH Fire Vorbericht (pdf, 100 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 3 MB)
Plane 30.09.2021 10.04.2024 Ägerten, Neuendorf SO HB-ZVK Vorbericht (pdf, 139 KB)
Schlussbericht (pdf, 2 MB)
Final report (pdf, 2 MB)
Railway 09.06.2022 04.04.2024 Sendy-Sollard VD Failure of safety systems Rapport de première information (pdf, 116 KB)
Rapport final (pdf, 3 MB)
Plane 24.03.2021 19.03.2024 Bretigny-sur-Morrens VD HB-ZQJ Rapport de première information (pdf, 137 KB)
Rapport sommaire (pdf, 2 MB)
Plane 13.01.2022 13.02.2024 3 km südöstlich des Flugplatzes Hausen am Albis (LSZN) ZH HB-SFU Vorbericht (pdf, 136 KB)
Schlussbericht (pdf, 447 KB)
Cable car 03.01.2024 05.02.2024 Visperterminen VS Collision of road vehicles Vorbericht (pdf, 125 KB)
Zwischenbericht (pdf, 587 KB)
Plane 30.08.2019 17.01.2024 St. Stephan Flugplatz (LSTS) BE G-ACGZ Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 2 MB)
Railway 17.07.2023 17.01.2024 Unterterzen SG Serious incident Vorbericht (pdf, 100 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 709 KB)
Plane 03.12.2018 16.01.2024 Castione TI HB-ZCM Rapporto preliminare (pdf, 122 KB)
Schlussbericht (pdf, 2 MB)
Rapporto finale (pdf, 3 MB)
Railway 04.07.2023 10.01.2024 Biel RB BE Collision: shunting with obstruction Rapport de première information (pdf, 97 KB)
Vorbericht (pdf, 101 KB)
Rapport sommaire (pdf, 734 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 728 KB)
Plane 18.01.2021 10.01.2024 Rüedisbach BE HB-ZQH Vorbericht (pdf, 135 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 208 KB)
Summary report (pdf, 267 KB)

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