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The Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) is the State authority of the Swiss Confederation which has a mandate to investigate accidents and dangerous incidents involving trains, aircraft, inland navigation ships, and seagoing vessels. The aim of this activity is to determine not only the direct causes of such events but also the more deep-seated reasons and other risks associated with them. This sole objective of this form of investigation is to acquire insights by means of which future accidents and hazardous situations can be prevented and which result in improved safety. However, the results of such a safety investigation are not intended to clarify questions of blame and liability.

Newly opened investigations

  Opening date Location Details Links
Plane 21.10.2021 Meilen ZH 0011 Vorbericht (pdf, 139 KB)
Plane 21.10.2021 Bern Flughafen (LSZB) BE HB-KHO Vorbericht (pdf, 136 KB)
Plane 21.10.2021 Emmen LU HB-TLM / HB-HZD Vorbericht (pdf, 140 KB)
Railway 19.10.2021 Emmenbrücke LU Accident at work Vorbericht (pdf, 113 KB)
Plane 13.10.2021 Milano-Linate (LIML) YR-PDV Notification (pdf, 157 KB)
Plane 12.10.2021 Ägerten, Neuendorf SO HB-ZVK Vorbericht (pdf, 139 KB)
Plane 29.09.2021 Willisau VOR LU HB-KMJ / HB-CQL Vorbericht (pdf, 173 KB)
Plane 24.09.2021 Neuchâtel Aérodrome (LSGN) NE HB-HEI / HB-CQL Rapport de première information (pdf, 366 KB)
Plane 22.09.2021 Conthey VS D-MANS Rapport de première information (pdf, 138 KB)
Vorbericht (pdf, 139 KB)
Plane 17.09.2021 Bex Aérodrome (LSGB) VD HB-KAW Vorbericht (pdf, 138 KB)
Rapport de première information (pdf, 139 KB)
Plane 16.09.2021 Yverdon-les-Bains Aérodrome (LSGY) VD HB-KLT Rapport de première information (pdf, 127 KB)
Plane 13.09.2021 Rüedisbach BE HB-ZQH Vorbericht (pdf, 135 KB)
Railway 10.09.2021 Klosters Selfranga GR Collision: train-train Vorbericht (pdf, 110 KB)
Railway 03.09.2021 Orbe VD Accident involving persons Rapport de première information (pdf, 93 KB)
Plane 02.09.2021 Menznau LU HB-UVU Vorbericht (pdf, 422 KB)

Recently published reports

  Date of the accident Date of publication Location Details Links
Cable car 13.02.2021 21.10.2021 Morgins-La Foilleuse VS Irregularity with hazard Rapport de première information (pdf, 91 KB)
Rapport intermédiaire (pdf, 1 MB)
Rapport final (pdf, 3 MB)
Plane 31.03.2021 08.10.2021 Emmen Flugplatz (LSME) LU HB-YMF Vorbericht (pdf, 105 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 760 KB)
Plane 26.06.2021 08.10.2021 Bola, Lostallo GR HB-ZPU Notification (pdf, 122 KB)
Rapporto preliminare (pdf, 120 KB)
Zwischenbericht (pdf, 1 MB)
Intermediate report (pdf, 1,011 KB)
Rapporto intermedio (pdf, 1 MB)
Plane 12.06.2021 08.10.2021 Bünzen AG HB-SGV Vorbericht (pdf, 105 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 752 KB)
Railway 19.05.2021 06.10.2021 Rotkreuz ZG Load displacement Vorbericht (pdf, 231 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 4 MB)
Plane 24.06.2020 04.10.2021 Lommis Flugplatz (LSZT) TG HB-KHN Vorbericht (pdf, 139 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 193 KB)
Plane 08.11.2020 30.09.2021 Bex Aérodrome (LSGB) VD HB-KFN Rapport de première information (pdf, 122 KB)
Rapport sommaire (pdf, 1 MB)
Plane 17.02.2021 27.09.2021 Biel-Kappelen Flugplatz (LSZP) BE HB-KML Vorbericht (pdf, 121 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 843 KB)
Plane 20.04.2016 20.09.2021 Küsnacht ZH Collision of ship with landing stage Vorbericht (pdf, 18 KB)
Schlussbericht (pdf, 8 MB)
Plane 08.04.2021 16.09.2021 Montricher Aéroport (LSTR) VD HB-PDL Rapport de première information (pdf, 119 KB)
Rapport sommaire (pdf, 437 KB)
Plane 28.07.2016 10.09.2021 Region Düdingen FR HB-3401 / J-5233 Vorbericht (pdf, 21 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 1 MB)
Railway 19.10.2020 08.09.2021 Basel SBB RB BL Incident involving dangerous goods Vorbericht (pdf, 97 KB)
Zwischenbericht (pdf, 3 MB)
Railway 03.02.2020 02.09.2021 Luzern LU Collision of train with obstruction Vorbericht (pdf, 113 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 615 KB)
Railway 16.11.2020 27.08.2021 Cully VD Collision: shunting-shunting Rapport de première information (pdf, 98 KB)
Rapport final (pdf, 8 MB)
Plane 31.05.2018 20.08.2021 Mollis Flugplatz (LSMF) GL HB-WYD Vorbericht (pdf, 123 KB)
Summarischer Bericht (pdf, 334 KB)

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