Reporting an aviation event

In accordance with Art. 23 of the Air Navigation Act (ANA) in conjunction with Art. 17 of the Ordinance on the Safety Investigation of Transport Incidents (OSITI), accidents and serious incidents involving manned aircraft on Swiss territory, or involving aircraft registered in Switzerland which occur abroad, must be reported immediately to the STSB reporting office. The STSB reporting office is the alarm centre of Swiss Air Rescue with the following telephone numbers: in Switzerland 1414, from abroad +41 333 333 333. Only in cases where it is not clear in advance whether they represent a serious incident can be reported within 72 hours to info-av(at)

In accordance with Art. 20 ANA, all incidents, serious incidents and accidents involving manned and unmanned aircraft falling under Art. 4 Regulation (EU) No. 376/2014 must be reported to the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) within 72 hours of notification.

In case of doubt, STSB should be informed by telephone (1414 in Switzerland, +41 333 333 333 from abroad). The duty investigator will immediately make contact and decide on the further course of action.

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Last edition: 18.07.2022