Reporting a Rail/navigation event

If an event occurs and this event is notifiable according to the Swiss Ordinance regarding the Safety Investigation of Transportation Incidents (VSZV), this must be reported to the STSB via the REGA alarm centre (Tel. 1414).

The following cases are notifiable:

  • Accidents: These include events in which at least one person was seriously or fatally injured, events in which a serious damage occurred (> CHF 180'000) , and chemical accidents according to the Hazardous Incidents Ordinance.
  • Serious incidents: These include events which would almost have ended in an accident which would not have been prevented by automatic safety devices in place.
  • Abnormal events: These include events which can be traced back to technical failure of a safety-relevant devices, or to deficient safety procedures, or to human error.
  • Suspected or actual sabotage
  • Fires on vehicles (> CHF 50'000)
  • Sinking, collision or running aground of ships or vessels

Transport companies which are involved in an incident on the track network of an infrastructure-providing company must report the incident to the infrastructure-providing company involved. This company then forwards the report to the reporting centre.

Obvious or attempted suicides, and incidents on public roads which can be attributed to violation of road traffic regulations do not need to be reported.

On the basis of the report and preliminary over-the-phone investigations, the STSB investigator on duty will decide whether and in what form an investigation is initiated.

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Last edition: 08.09.2020