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Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board STSB

Welcome to the homepage of the STSB

The Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) is the State authority of the Swiss Confederation which has a mandate to investigate accidents and dangerous incidents involving trains, aircraft, inland navigation ships, and seagoing vessels. The aim of this activity is to determine not only the direct causes of such events but also the more deep-seated reasons and other risks associated with them. This sole objective of this form of investigation is to acquire insights by means of which future accidents and hazardous situations can be prevented and which result in improved safety. However, the results of such a safety investigation are not intended to clarify questions of blame and liability.

New Investigations

  Date  Location  Details  Links 
Airprox 01.07.2015 ca 6 km southwest of St. Moritz HB-ZMU / HB-ZLG PDF Notification of an Airprox 53 kb
Aircraft accident 28.06.2015 Alp Oberkäseren, Amden SG HB-ZRY PDF Vorbericht 52 kb
Aircraft accident 09.06.2015 Commune de Semsales FR HB-ZOA PDF Rapport de première information 47 kb
Aircraft accident 03.06.2015 Im Steigflug auf Flugfläche 200 ZH HB-IYT PDF Vorbericht 52 kb
Aircraft accident 31.05.2015 Region Oensingen BE HB-2207 PDF Vorbericht 261 kb

Recently published reports

  Date of the accident  Date of publication  Location  Details  Links 
Railway 15.07.2014 01.07.2015 Beinwil am See AG Zusammenstoss zwischen einem Strassen- und einem Schienenfahrzeug auf einem bewachten Bahnübergang PDF Final report 1328 kb
Railway 09.03.2014 23.06.2015 Grauholz BE Seitliche Kollision zwischen dem Zug 1928 und einem Hindernis im Grauholztunnel PDF Final report 270 kb
Railway 09.04.2013 16.06.2015 Kaltbrunn SG Kollision eines ungebremsten Zweiwegbaggers mit einem abgestellten Bahnwagen PDF Final report 632 kb
Railway 21.07.2013 19.05.2015 Schaffhausen SH Rangierunfall PDF Final report 333 kb
Aircraft accident 11.10.2013 01.05.2015 Zurich Airport ZH TC-TLE PDF Schlussbericht 5344 kb
PDF Final report 5338 kb